Tuesday 16 October 2018
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‘The Six Best Brownie Combinations’

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Every meal is incomplete without delicious dessert. Nowadays, there has been quite a variation in the various brownie forms. Brownie is one of the tastiest and yet, the easiest desserts to make. In fact, you can spread the brownie love to all your loved ones through the medium of Gourmet Brownies by post. In order to get your hands at the seven best brownie combinations that are a must try, read through:

Get acquainted with the best brownie combinations that you can ever come across:

    1. Buckeye brownies: This kind of brownie is the ultimate option for lovers of both chocolate and peanut butter. Buckeye brownies are leathery chocolate brownies with a nutty spread fudge topping canvassed in a smooth, rich, icing of chocolate fudge.
    2. Cream cheese brownies: For all the cheese cake admirers out there, cream cheese brownies may be just the perfect dessert for you. These brownies have been a result of someone’s adoration for cheesecake and affection for chocolate. Thus, was created stunning cream cheddar brownies. Try out the consummate little cream cheddar twirls running all through the brownies and experience bliss!

  • Frozen brownie Sundae: Beating the summer heat gets much easier with a frozen brownie sundae. This is an irresistible combination of gooey chocolate, ice cream, fudge and peanut topping, etc. An amalgamation of all these things makes this brownie the perfect dessert for any post dinner serving.
  • Sweet and salty brownie: Not everyone wants to much on an extremely sweet piece of dessert. If you are one of those people, then this brownie combination has got your back. These absolutely amazing brownies feature a caramel layer perfectly into the center so as to give you an impeccable sweet and salty flavor.
  • Marshmallow crunch brownie: If you want to gorge on something extravagant, then the marshmallow crunch brownie is your ‘it’ solution. With layers of marshmallow and chocolate cream, this over the top brownie will leave your guests licking their fingers post the party.
  • Blueberry citrus marble brownie: Even though this might seem like a weird combination, this brownie amalgamation will leave you wanting for more. For everybody looking out for something fresh and yet sweet, this is the ideal option for you! Try this out in order to add a breath of fresh air to your post food munchies.

Thus, in order to get your hands at something new, do try the above mentioned brownie combinations! You are bound to feel blissful after consuming these. Moreover, spread the love further by sending the special gourmet brownies by post and make your near and dear ones beaming with happiness!