Monday 25 June 2018
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The All New Different Ways to Cook Potatoes

Potatoes have a delicious starchy taste and are full of energy. It is probably a most loved starch side dish for the cook of any family. However, you will eventually get exhausted of a similar method to cook potatoes so why not take a stab at something new? Potato Doctor has designed food preparation tool that helps create magnificent loaded baked potatoes making daily meal preparation easier.


  • Potatoes are by far the most delicious when they are made into chips. Why? Not only do they get a crunchy addictive taste but they are the easiest to make and eat.
  • Baked potatoes take somewhat longer time to cook but it is worth to wait. You can likewise decide on different cuts for the baked potatoes. Wedges are the always best since the outside will be crunchy and full of flavour when spices are added, and the inside will be hot and soft.
  • You can likewise drop a few potatoes into your stews, curries and juices. The starch is likewise very helpful in the event that you coincidentally put a lot salt into the sauce. Since potatoes are tasteless they splash up any overabundance salt that isn’t required.
  • You can put beans, mushrooms, cheese or anything you love inside a baked potato. It becomes a whole meal on its own because of all the other proteins and minerals used to make the dish.


Before cooking or eating with potatoes you have to wash them properly. Since they contain so much starch, it could radically change the flavor you proposed for your dishes. Soak them in water after you peel them and it will remove any unwanted starch. After that you are free to cook to your heart’s desire.

To prepare them you can spread cooking oil over the base of the baking tray or pan you will be using. This will helps prevent burning and sticking and, ultimately, scrubbing those pans.