Sunday 24 June 2018
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Is it worth Joining a Craft Beer Club?

I’m a massive fan of craft beer and I’d drink it over cheap mass produced lager any day of the week (not everyday of the week), but I have to be honest the two things that always hold me back are price and convenience. This is where the an online craft beer club comes in handy; craft beer clubs are online websites that allow  you to purchase specialised craft beer on a monthly basis. Instead of having to root through all of the supermarket isles to find the one beer that they occasionally store, taking the day off work so that you can travel down to the local specialised craft beer shop or even paying £8.00 in the nearest gastropub, you can now have small independent beers delivered straight to your door for very reasonable prices. Craft Metropolis, a craft beer club that specialises in London Beer offers monthly membership from £34.50 which features 12 mouth-watering beers with free delivery. Some people might consider that a very high steep price to pay for some beer, but in order to truly understand the value of this service you really need to be a craft beer connoisseur. Whilst £11 can get you a 20 pack of Carlsberg from your local supermarket once you’ve gotten into the habit of drinking good beer, you’d rather throw £11 down the drain than by cheap-imported lager.

Image result for Is it worth Joining a Craft Beer Club?I found the transition from cheap lager to craft beer quite similar to the transmission from instant to fresh coffee, you look back in disgust and wonder why anyone would ever consider such an awful assault of ones own taste buds, it’s a torture that I wouldn’t want my worse enemies to endure. Understandable too that beers such as BrewDog are now regularly available in the shops and at a somewhat cheaper price but you have to consider that whilst BrewDog falls into the world of Craft Beer its very much similar to how Nirvana relates to the grunge world in that they brought it forward in a watered-down mainstream version. It’s the kind of beer that average Joes can drink at BBQ’s to show that their part of the hip new trend before glugging down a couple of pints of Carling. A craft beer club allows access to an entire host of beers from a range of sources. Some craft beer clubs have their speciality and if you really have the money and really what a varied taste in beers perhaps its worth trying out two craft beer clubs. Craft Metropolis’s craft beer is divided into districts of London, they’ve even got a new released version of Watney’s pale ale. Some people ask for a pale ale, and they just get whatever beer that’s on offer whereas others will want to go through at least 10 different types before deciding. Craft Metropolis even offers an option for the novice/gift customer to have their beers picked for them, so why delay join up to a craft beer club today.